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Internet Service Doesn’t Need To Be Costly

When it comes to homework, research, and entertainment, having high-speed Internet access at home is no longer a luxury. For most families, it’s a necessity but not a cheap one. But there are ways to reduce what you pay for your Internet service. Here are 6 tips to get cheaper Internet service so you can keep web access from taking a big bite out of your budget.

1. Get the Cost of Your Internet Service in Writing

A common tactic in many sales departments of Internet service providers is to say anything to get you to buy the product or service, and then let the customer service department deal with your complaints when your bill doesn’t match what was promised. Unfortunately, this is true for many Internet service providers whose sales force generally works with commission as an incentive. The lesson here is that you should get the terms you agreed to spelled out in black and white before you flip the switch on Internet service.

2. Go for the Basics of Internet Service

While broadband Internet is generally offered at several speeds, the way to keep your expenditures in this area in check is to choose the cheapest, most basic service. High-speed Internet services operate at such a fast rate that even the slowest Internet service plan is plenty for downloads and movie streaming. Sticking with the basic plan can usually save you up to $20 a month—that’s $240 a year in your pocket depending on your Internet service plan. Taking the cheaper Internet service plan is a great step to living the frugal lifestyle. If you do feel that the basic service is too sluggish for your needs, you can always increase your Internet speed with just a phone call to your provider.

3. Say No to Installation Fees

Charging for Internet access installation is a dream come true for your cable or phone company. It’s a way for them to start making money off you before you even flip on your computer’s Internet connection. Even if you’ve never had a land line or cable service in your home, don’t fall for this. Stick to your guns and you’ll probably find that they’re willing to do any outside wiring for free. After all, they want you as a long-term customer. If you do need inside wiring work, do it yourself with the help of their technical support team who can probably talk you through hooking up your Internet service over the phone.

4. Buy Your Modem

Many people these days rent their modems from their Internet service provider. This is another way for these companies to earn an unending stream of revenue from you. Check your bill to see if you are, in fact, being charged an “Internet equipment rental fee.” If so, flip your modem over and find the model number, then do a search on Amazon and eBay. You’ll probably find that you’re paying $50+ a year for an item that costs about $20. Another thing to beware of is purchasing your modem from your Internet service provider. These prices are generally wildly inflated because this is the easy route for most people. It’s usually much cheaper to buy the same modem on your own.

5. Be Promotion-Savvy

Because the broadband Internet industry is so competitive, there are constant promotions being offered. Contact your Internet service provider and find out if you’re currently using a promotion and if not, if you qualify for one. If you aren’t eligible for any special programs, tell the representative that you might contact other Internet service providers in your area to see what they offer. You’ll probably find that there’s suddenly a program that offers you a discount.

6. Complain About Your Internet Service Costs

There’s no reason to accept service slow-downs and interruptions. Make a note every time this happens and demand a credit on your bill. It’s probably a good idea to figure out how much you pay per day for your Internet service and ask for that prorated amount as a credit. Saving money on your utility bills could be just five phone calls away.

The Path to Cheaper Bills

Internet service providers are not cheap and could potentially put your checking account in the negative. Luckily, you can use these tips to get cheaper internet service. Your Internet service is just one area in which you can reduce your spending if you put your mind to it. The next step to save money could be lowering your electricity bill and lowering your water bill. In no time, you’ll be saving a ton of money on just about all your monthly bills.

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